Hourou Musuko (Complete Batch) (720p-100MB) Download - English Sub

Hourou Musuko (Complete Batch) (720p-100MB) Download – English Sub

Released on 4th February, 2019 , 225 Views

Hourou Musuko (720p – 100MB)

Hourou Musuko
Wandering Son (synonym)

* Based on a manga by [Shimura Takako] serialised in Comic Beam.
[Nitori Shuuichi] is a boy who wants to become a girl. He transfers to a new elementary school, and there, meets [Takatsuki Yoshino], a tall and attractive young girl. Coincidentally, Yoshino also dreams of becoming the opposite sex. She lets Shuuichi in on a secret that she cross dresses from time to time and visits places far from home. Due to the fact that they share the same secret, they become close. The two are now in middle school. In the midst of a crowd full of new people, the two search for their own paths; all the while facing the troubles and concerns that come along with puberty.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 11
Rating – 6.99
Start Date – 2011-01-14
End Date – 2011-04-01

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well executed, beautiful art work. Probably one of the best this Spring season

Beautiful and light artwork.
The only anime I know wich takes cross-dressing from the non-joke but more realistic(and also problem)side!

This is pretty much the only anime I`ve found that deals specifically with transgender themes, and it does so rather well. The slower pacing may throw some off, and if you aren`t interested in the subject, then you just aren`t interested, but if you take it as learning something new about humanity, I think you`ll be pleasantly surprised. Gorgeous artwork, and well-done voice acting.

First and probably only anime who take Cross Dressing seriously, Must see for anyone who`s curious about this subject.

One of a kind. Great visuals and an enthralling story that sucks you in. The pace may have been a little slow for me but in retrospect I think it was perfect.

Aoi Hana

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